September 13, 2018

HERoes in Deed Community Grant

HERoes in Deed (HID) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization inspired by the memory of our HERo, Army Lieutenant Colonel Jaimie E. Leonard, who was killed in action in Afghanistan on June 8, 2013. Jaimie’s drive to make the world a better place is the force behind our mission:

HERoes in Deed is a non-profit organization committed to honoring active military and veterans through community-driven outreach and engagement at the local level.

The HERoes in Deed Board of Directors is accepting applications submitted between January 1-April 30, 2019 for grant requests from eligible organizations and individuals committed to using the funds for new and innovative community projects to cost effectively deliver services and benefits which align with the Mission of HERoes in Deed. HERoes in Deed will fund small community projects in the amount of $500-$5,000.

To be eligible to apply for a HERoes in Deed Community Grant, a proposal for funding must meet the following basic criteria established by the HERoes in Deed Board.
● Applicants must be residents/non-profits/organizations based in Orange County NY, with preference given to Warwick NY based applicants and/or programs.
● The mission/purpose of the organization and/or program applying for the grant is related in some way to the mission/purpose of HID or otherwise furthers HID’s mission/purpose. Th e proposal must address a specific need in the Warwick or surrounding Orange County communities to bring together community members and local veterans and/or military families.
● Community involvement in a new and innovative local community-based project, program or launch service project (on-going funding must come from other source) to satisfy mission of HID.
● Grant applications should include involvement of local veterans, military personnel and/or related family members in key role(s). Describe involvement. Identify service member(s) or request. Preference given to requests that have already identified service members located in Warwick NY. Must include service member(s) involvement in significant role(s).  Commit to use any funds received from the HID for the benefit of the Warwick Community in partnership with local veterans.
● Individual grants must follow the same guidelines and will be subject to monthly and final outcome reporting.
● One grant per grantee in a 12 month period will be awarded. Grants awarded cannot exceed 80% of a qualifying grant’s project cost total. The balance of the project total – the match – is the responsibility of the applicant. Under exceptional circumstances, the HID Board may waive a portion of the applicant’s match requirements.

Grants may be awarded for:
● Resources needed to launch new community programs consistent with HID mission. Examples include but are not limited to program liaison and/or management fees for veteran involvement, recording equipment or kiosk for veteran storytelling project, elements of sensory community garden or trail created through community collaboration, community service matching program publicity, etc.
● Programs that deepen community and veteran/military family connections
● Family-oriented program to inspire community service programs for families
● Any other project deemed acceptable by HID.

Grants may not be awarded for:
● Day-to-day operating expenses of the grantee (organization or individual)
● Capital projects of any kind. Maintenance, construction or ongoing expenses.
● Expenses related to enhancing personal property or residence.
● Payment of consultant fees, administrative costs or staff compensation, fringe benefits
● Funding of existing programs

Applications may be either completed online and submitted electronically, or printed and mailed to HERoes in Deed, P.O. Box 324 Warwick, NY 10990 . The HID Board may make grant awards in the full amount or partial amount requested, may deny funding for the application, or may defer a decision.

Non-Profit: Demonstrate tax exempt status under IRS Code. Maintain operations in Warwick and immediate service area for HERoes in Deed. Submit a written or online request and provide required documentation as outlined in the Application for Funding which includes the following:
● verification of IRS tax exampt status;
● current list of Board of Directors;
● registered copy of the Articles of Incorporation;
● current audit or IRS 990; and
● other materials requested to support the application.

Individual: Individuals may apply in partnerships with community members and/or veterans by fulfilling the following:
● Identify project manager and project team with roles and responsibilities.  Describe any relevant expertise and current community involvement.
● Demonstrate clearly outlined goals and objectives, timeframe, budget and workplan for the project/program and an evaluation plan that measures outcomes.
● Agree to consult with an HID board member throughout project for support or partner with another local non profit and/or school for support
● Agree to submit interim report(s) as needed through the program.

Reporting: All recipients of HID Community Grants will be required to submit progress reports at a time interval (monthly or quarterly) depending on the project as well as a final outcome report. The report will include a narrative description or summary of the grant progress or outcome, along with a financial report of the grant funding. If the progress report is not received within the allotted time period, the grantee will be sent an invoice for the full amount of the grant and will be expected to pay the grant back in full within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

Press Coverage: If there is to be any press coverage, HID must be notified at least 48 hours prior for any review. As a condition of the grant, if it is mentioned in public relations materials, please credit HERoes in Deed Inc. Please send any pictures, press releases, or media coverage to  The grantee organization must acknowledge HID as a funding source on all publications and in all presentations related to the project in a clear, unambiguous, and readily identifiable fashion, using the following acknowledgement: “This project was supported by a grant from HERoes in Deed Inc,” or as otherwise directed by HID.

Response: HID will make every effort to respond within 60 days after submission of completed application. Applications may be approved, denied or deferred depending on available resources. Those who are unsuccessful may choose to submit another application in the future.

Download a fillable pdf of the Grant application here: HERoes in Deed Community Grant Application or fill out and submit the online application.